If you are looking to improve your nutrition and accomplish specific fitness goals, you may want to look into following a macronutrient diet. Tracking your macros provides you with the ability to tailor your diet to your own specific needs. When attempting to lose weight, many people begin with a counting calories approach. Calorie counting can contribute to weight loss, but macronutrient tracking is what leads to fat loss. According to an article on Trifecta, by counting your calories, you ensure that you’re fueling your workouts efficiently and feeding your body what it needs, helping you achieve the best results. 

The first step in being able to track your macronutrients is to learn the different macros. You want to determine your fitness goal: whether that is to maintain your weight, build muscle, lose fat, or change your body composition. You then want to use an online macro calculator to determine how many grams of fat, protein, and carbs you need to get started in your diet. Next, you want to obtain the correct tools for the process. Many different apps exist on iOS and Google that make it easy for you to log your goals and intake to make sure you are properly following your plan. You can also keep a food diary or simply note your consumption on paper each day. By doing so, you can hold yourself accountable in the easiest way possible and review your progress at any time in an organized manner.

Lastly, begin to log your daily intake of meals, drinks, and snacks every single day—everything from the tiniest bites and sips matters when you track your macros. When you begin to track your consumption, there are a few essential tips you want to keep in mind. Keep measuring cups, and food scales handy so that you can note accurate serving sizes. Be sure to include all ingredients used, even seasonings and toppings. When you are shopping for food, try to use an app that contains a barcode scanner to make sure you are tracking the correct item. It may seem like a very detailed process at first, but after doing this for a couple of weeks, it will not only become second nature; you will start to see results and even enjoy doing so.