Shawn Younessi

Outpatient Information

About Shawn Younessi

Shawn Younessi of West Hollywood, CA may be a Doctor by profession, but he has a strong passion for healthy living through fitness and nutrition. Throughout his education, Shawn learned about the importance of staying active each day in order to prevent illnesses down the line. This information has guided his fitness journey and keeps him motivated to maintain a regular schedule of working out. In addition, Shawn consistently looks for ways to improve his diet, whether by tracking his macronutrients or simply incorporating a few more healthy foods into his day. Shawn aims to be a good role model for his patients, as he sees far too many otherwise healthy people put themselves at risk for serious illnesses due to obesity caused by poor diet and/or lack of exercise.

When it comes to fitness, Shawn Younessi approaches the subject from two perspectives. First, he considers it from a medical viewpoint. He enjoys finding easy ways for his patients to improve their physical wellbeing through easy diet and exercise changes. Although some patients may require more drastic changes to their lifestyle, Shawn likes to encourage all of his patients to do even a small amount of exercise regularly, while eating foods that will keep them full and replenish their nutrients. It is motivating when he is able to see people’s progress over several visits.

Although he has continual motivation to help his patients, Shawn Younessi’s passion for helping others began long before he entered the medical field. When he was younger, Shawn saw his grandfather’s condition worsen due to multiple heart attacks and strokes. However, he was moved when he saw how the various medical professionals on his grandfather’s team worked together to improve his condition. Whether it be the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, or anyone else, Shawn knew that they really cared about his grandfather’s wellbeing and he wanted to give back to others the same way those individuals gave to his family.

Over time, Shawn Younessi has encountered many challenges in his medical career. From the long nights of studying in medical school to the strenuous shifts of residency, and especially the Coronavirus pandemic, Shawn has remained positive in his ability to make a positive impact on those around him. He hopes to continue learning and growing as a physician, and in the future, help many others to live fulfilling lives by keeping their health on the up and up.